Turning a passion into a profitable business or dream job happens every day! The more clearly you can define what you want to do, the better the chances you can create the job or get the business launched. Here are seven areas to think about to resolve the Who and Where components.

One – What is Your Preferred Physical Work Location?

Do you want to work in a large office, with co-workers nearby? A small office with four walls and a door, but co-workers down the hall? A private office you go to each day, no co-workers? An office in your home? Do you want to work in a retail establishment? Or, would you prefer to work in the “field,” not in any type of office?

Two – What Type of Contact with Co-Workers?

Do you want them at the desk right next to you? In an office next door? Working in different towns but in constant contact via phone or other electronic means? Do you want co-workers at all?

Three – Contact with the Public?

Do you want to have general contact with the public face to face? On the phone or electronic? Not at all?

Four – What kind of Contact with Clients or Customers?

Do you want to go to their office or place of business to meet with them? Meet on neutral ground like a coffee shop? Interact solely on the phone or computer? Not have direct contact with customers?

Five – How Do You Participate in the Work Productivity?

Even if you prefer to have co-workers in the next office for companionship and inter-related projects? Or, would you prefer to be an independent contributor? Would you prefer working as a team, such as in a restaurant environment?

Six – What Level of Supervision Do You Want?

Do you want your supervisor in the room with you? On the same floor? In the same building? On a different planet? Prefer no supervision except yourself?

Seven – Do You Want to be an Employee with a Dream Job or an Entrepreneur with a Dream Business?

It is absolutely fine to want a dream job and leave the hassles of being an employer to someone else. Not everyone wants to be an entrepreneur working for themselves. No matter what your preference, it just matters that you know which works best for you.

Working through these questions should help you tighten up your perfect job or business description. The more of these details you can address before you begin your quest, the better.

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