Initially, the speed bump designates a deformation of the roadway. These irregularities in the road, in the form of a hump for the speed bump and the form of a hollow for the blackcurrant, were, therefore, due to the deterioration of the surface and not to a road installation. Part of the original meaning has survived, but now speed bumps refer to intentionally installed facilities to enhance road safety.

Therefore, defines a speed bump as a type of speed bump. Within the framework of this definition, it does not differentiate the donkey from the blackcurrant. The two terms are used interchangeably to designate a circular raised passage used to regulate the speed of vehicles.

They can only be installed in built-up areas, on-road sections limited to 30 km / h, 30 zones, road and motorway rest areas, and forest paths. It is forbidden to install them on roads where traffic exceeds 3,000 cars and 300 heavy goods vehicles per day.

It is also forbidden to put pedestrian crossings on a speed bump. They should, therefore, not be confused with Berlin cushions. The latter is, on the contrary, mainly used to reinforce security around a pedestrian crossing.

Speed ​​bumps of the speed bump as seen in Unimat traffic are indicated by vertical and horizontal signs visible day and night. Several signs and a marking on the ground are used for this purpose.

In advanced signage

Upstream of the retarder, they are announced by the danger sign A2b representing an elevation of the roadway.

It is supplemented by the B14 speed limit sign to 30 km / h and, possibly, an M2 distance sign if several speed bumps are present. These signs are positioned 10 to 50 meters before the retarder.

In position

The information panel C27 is installed at the level of the retarder. The regulatory road markings are made up of 3 white triangles on each lane, the points oriented in the direction of traffic.


After the speed bump or the blackcurrant, the B33 end of 30 km / h limit sign’s end of the slowdown zone.

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