Are you interested in digital marketing by for instance? Is your goal to sell on social media and have amazing results? Yea? So, you’ve undoubtedly heard about content production. It is essential for business; after all, it involves creating and sharing relevant information that can seduce users, generate leads, and convert them into engaged customers with your company.

  1. Create Strategic Competitions

When people comment, like, or tag friends on your post, you can be sure that engagement increases dramatically. And if they start sharing your post, the reach increases exponentially, as the friends of your followers will see your brand too. Therefore, creating strategic competition in the media is essential, as they encourage likes, comments, and content sharing. In this way, they allow your event to be seen by many participants. Not to mention that competitions are strategies that have a low cost so that you can stand out on social networks. It is possible to offer products from sponsors, give free tickets or upgrades to VIP tickets, for example, to encourage involvement at little cost.

But it is essential to know that, with an increasing number of competitions appearing in the media, it is necessary to guarantee a unique experience to catch the followers’ attention. Be sure to run competitions to achieve the much-desired engagement of the target audience on social media.

  1. Make Challenge-Style Posts

Making challenge-style posts is very interesting to attract more consumers, publicize your brand and thus increase visibility. But how does it work? Well, it’s simple: you launch a challenge to the followers of your social network, and, in it, people must do some actions, such as mentioning a friend in the comments, liking the page and sharing the post, and tagging the company.

In return, you offer something to anyone who accepts to participate in the challenge—remembering that everyone who participates has to win because it’s different from a contest or draw. But you don’t have to worry, because you don’t have to give a product in return, for example, you can offer free shipping, a special discount, etc.

  1. Create Lists

Most people are very fond of lists and anything that allows them to insert various items in the order. Therefore, a good tip is to make posts with ranking in the titles. An example: “the top 5 market trends for this year”. Do not forget that in posts with lists, the ideal is always to offer different points of view on the same topic, always with brief conclusions. This allows a very quick and comprehensive reading at the same time that is very suitable for users of social networks.

Remembering that the keyword of social networks is a relationship built on frequent posts, great subjects, quality content, and excellent images is essential. In addition, some tools help build this bond between the brand and consumers. Therefore, it is necessary to be aware of these features.

Remember that several factors must be considered when determining the regularity of posts. It is necessary to understand the profile of your brand’s audience, adapt the content and the type of format and think about the most interesting times. For your brand to be able to sell on social media and stand out among so many companies, you need to produce quality content with a specific frequency. So, the initial step is always to know your persona’s needs well and make posts with answers to their pains and problems.

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