Originating in Mumbai during the 1960s, the satta matka game started as a number game in the form of lottery. Later on, as its popularity increased beyond imagination, the online game developers started to use the concept and bring the same game on the online platform. With the onset of the online era of the betting game, the regular players have found a new platform to invest and win money. Won’t you like to win ninety Indian Rupees by investing only one Indian rupee? Well, that’s the catch of the game.

  • Choosing numbers wisely

If you have been playing for some time, you already know that you have to pick two sets of numbers with three numbers in each set. After adding the numbers of each set and removing the digit form the tens place, you get your final Jodi. You win if the winning Jodi number of matka matches with your pair. Sounds simple, but the background work is not simple at all. So, to begin with, play using various possible combinations to see which pair gets you the most wins.

  • Pre-calculation is necessary

You have to maintain a proper note of all calculations. Permutation and combination of numbers will help you to come up with numerous options. Apply each and check out the result. Then calculate the winning proportion and keep in mind the greater probability numbers for winning satta

  • No unstable bets

The bookies who deal with these online games are marketers of much shady business. So don’t lose yourself in the temptation of winning more money. Try to maintain the simple wagers and refrain from going into ay transaction that involves keeping your assets as security deposits.

  • Analyze the errors

So what was the mistake that holds you back from winning the round? What was the number which caused the difference in the calculation? Such an analysis of errors will help you to prevent further mistakes while playing.

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