Have you ever come across someone and felt, she is the one as if sparks were flying all over the place, and you’re trembling at the intensity of what is going on? The feeling of outer body experience, of something, just clicked isn’t unreal. When chemistry exists between two people, then the world will truly feel it is meant for the two of you. Here, is a thing about chemistry – it can’t be forced on someone. The undeniable, natural connection that exists between two humans is chemistry.

So, yeah, we truly get it that just being with her in the same place will give you all tingly, lovey-dovey feels. And, had you been a cartoon character red hearts would pop straight out of your eyes at the mere sight of her. However, you would like to know whether its mind that’s playing tricks on you or it is an epic love story that is about to happen. We are no scientists, here but you’re definitely in luck because we happen to understand the chemistry between two people quite well. Allow us to help you decipher the signs.

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The Signs You Have AnInstant Chemistry With A Girl:

Be it the occasional brush of hands or sneaked glances – these are the signs to look out for you if you feel she is the one.

  • You’re captivated:

If you’re captivated about everything about this person you have come across and it’s vice-versa, then there is indeed a connection. For no apparent reason, both of you are drawn to one another. You might have exchanged hardly a few words, or you barely know each other still there is the feeling of familiarity present – then, of course, there is something. The feeling of knowing each other or being in each other’s thoughts, as if it can’t be explained is present all the time. A vibe is there in the air, which obviously can’t be seen or described but definitely can be felt.

  • You look at each other a specific way

You’ve seen her look at others. However, when she looks at you, there is a vast difference. And, here, by different, we mean in the right way. Aforementioned is the first firm connection or signs of chemistry between the two of you. The inability to keep your eyes away from each other and sharing those moments of prolonged eye contact – might genuinely give you goose bumps. The sense of shyness which comes along becomes unbearable at times. Do these seem familiar to you? Yes, it might sound extremely naive to an adult man, but this doesn’t make it any less real. It is the childishness that both of you experience, which gives it a unique flavour and essential twist.

  • She seems to be the one

You know how we have all read about this and even watched it several times on screen, but it can happen in reality. In the most benign and simple ways – it will seem she truly gets you every time. We can’t offer you proof that is better than this. Chemistry is all about understanding one another. That can be expressed without words.

  • Her thoughts make you smile

If you find yourself continually smiling at the thought of her, then it is a telltale sign. Is there anything better than that you need to prove there is something between the two of you? There is a thing about smiling, that is when you do it wholeheartedly it’s not just your face that shows it, but the unexplainable feeling is reflected in your eyes. So, the kind of endearment you feel for her(and she feels for you) becomes truly undeniable. Doesn’t it sound funny that a person who is indeed a stranger is the reason behind your happier days? If it isn’t chemistry, then what can it be?

  • Does she text when you’re thinking about her?

How often does this happen? Do you receive a text from her right at the moment you’re indulged in her thoughts? It has got to be a hint, right?

  • You both seem to utter the same words

We can’t help ourselves from being a tad bit corny here because it is relevant and certainly in context. However, it is not only about love that we are talking about her. It is truly about finding that extra special someone who has been carrying a part of you all along. As if you have come across that person who has been made for you, someone you can trust, confide in and be more than just lovers. No matter what the topic is, it seems you understand each other, and conversations become way more interesting. You end up finishing each other’s thoughts and own similar viewpoints.

  • She seems to be always happy around you

Yes, she might seem happy even when you’re not around, but the way she smiles around you is truly adorable — another sign to determine the presence of intense mutual chemistry.

So, now that you know about all of these signs, don’t you think it’s time to make things happen?

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