For those wondering what TFT means, the term TFT is simply an abbreviation for Teamfight tactics. TFT which is a newly introduced permanent mode for games that is based on DotaAutochess, which is designed to include ranked queue.

What Is TFT All About?

TFT is a dream come true for multiplayer gamers, as it is a strategy-oriented arena where a team of gamers comprising of 8 players can simply create an army, and then have the chance to battle one another, in a series of battles or championship. Every player is given a total of 100 hp, to begin with, and as the rounds go on, the loser’s hp is reduced according to the number of units the winner army has left.

The first unit is chosen by each player from the start of the game, from the spinning carousel, as well as the first item for each player’s army. Once the first unit and items are chosen, the players will get to face two PvE rounds, after which they are now ready to face other players. The reason for this is to give players the opportunity to build up their army and prepare with the best strategy they feel can help them win.

What is TFT Boosting All About?

TFT Boosting is a means of helping players gain access to all ranked rewards in Team fight Tactics. It is simply done with the aid of getting high quality services from those called the professional boosters. These boosters are purchased, and with this, the players can achieve the maximum result required. It is seen as cheating by many who can’t afford it, but it is definitely fun. For more information on this, kindly click on the link to visit the website

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