is one of the beneficial resources that anyone can use- however this can be of utmost importance specially to those getting prank calls. This is because phone lookups can provide you the registered name and address of the unknown caller. The prank calls are really very annoying especially when you want to make an urgent call and they repeatedly keeps on calling you. Once you pick up their call and reveal their identity, they become conscious and eventually will stop calling you.

Trace the prank calls using phone lookups

The first thing that you should do is copy- paste the phone number in the search field of the reverse phone lookup website. After you type the number, the reverse lookup will search into the private and the public directories to match the number with the number you have entered. The lookup service can also give you the information regarding the kind of cell phone used for making the call. All the information, whether the call was made using a cell phone or a business land line number can be easily tracked by using this service. With this new technological development, your information is just a few clicks away.

A reverse lookup service is an instant solution to stop getting prank calls. These services are usually available for free because most of the numbers are unregistered and therefore it involves searching through millions of databases to find out particular information. There are many websites that charge you even without finding the accurate results. So it is important to choose the correct website. However, once the name and address of the owner is found, you can put a stop to these prank calls by calling them back and threaten them with police. If this is not enough, then you can report this number to the police station and request them to call the prankster or you can also lodge a complaint against that phone number. Initially, the network provider will call up and warn the caller to stop doing such nuisance things followed by blocking the phone number if the caller continuously make such prank calls.

Difference between reverse phone lookup and reverse cell phone lookup

However, you need to make a distinction between the reverse phone lookups and reverse cell phone lookups. Reverse phone lookup is the universal term that has been used, but when it comes to providing information, most of the searches allow you to access only the public directories but claim themselves as reverse phone lookups. With reverse phone lookups, you can trace whether it is a cell phone number or unregistered phone number. You need to make use of reverse cell phone directories to look through applicable directories. You can rely on the accuracy and accessibility of cell phone lookups but you have to pay a very nominal fee.

Therefore, with the use of phone lookup services you can now get hold of any prankster or unknown phone calls. Never ignore these prank calls. Simply make a search and call them back to warn them!

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