If you have had the opportunity to go to theatres or high-end hotels and restaurants, you may have noticed that the curtain’s part and close on their own. How does that happen and is it worth it?

All the new technological advances happening around the globe have turned everything into smart curtains technology. Smart technology means something easier the control and intuitive as well. Turning your whole house into a smart house might feel a bit overwhelming. So, why not start with the curtains.

Curtains are pieces of fabric of various materials used to hang on the windowsills. The major purpose of these is to cover up the windows and protect the house from the curious eyes of the outside world. Other than that, curtains are also used to decorate the house and add to the theme of the house.

Smart curtains are also pieces of fabric just like your usual curtains. What makes them different is that they are installed with motors and other amplifying accessories. Which are used to control the movement and style of the curtains?


Smart curtains offer many advantages, some of which are listed below to better understand why smart curtains are preferred today.

Convenience: the need to draw and close the curtains by hand is no longer required as you can now perform that function by pressing a button or by saying the magic words to your assistant. Is also highly effective for high ceiling windows and kids or geriatrics.

Programming capabilities: these curtains can be programmed according to your wishes and based on the temperature or natural lightning out in the world. You can program them to open or close beforehand and wake up without the need for alarm clocks.

Increase home security: even the burglars and thieves are now smart to overcome their advantage it is better to install smart curtains. Due to their programming feature, you can make them open and close even when you are not at home and deceive the eyes of the world.

Smart home integration: the smart curtains can be integrated into other home appliances or any other smart device to make this process easier for you. They can be connected to thermostats as well and work based on temperature.

No limitation for material: there might be some restrictions on available color and material for the curtains, but no such restrictions are there on the curtain controllers. Neither curtain materials nor horizontal or vertical direction is important for automation.

Energy-saving: the smart curtain technology also works towards saving electricity and it does so quite impressively. It can do so by connecting to the thermostat of your house. When connected to the thermostat the curtains will close themselves during high heat or temperature to minimize HVAC use and on up during mild to cooler temperatures, during winter they will also stay shut to maintain the warmth of the house.

Increase your home value: do you know the price of your house will increase if you install smart curtains. Having smart houses and curtains is becoming popular and will be the most common sight in the future to see.

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