Eyeliner has evolved a lot from earlier times. From using natural fruit tints to applying eyeliner from bottles, the appearance of the eyes has always been given importance when it comes to makeup and beauty in general.

There is no doubt, that eyeliners have been an essential part of almost everyone’s daily makeup routine. From a single stroke to a winged wonder, eyeliners are applied in different styles to make the eyes look bold and fierce. Nowadays, the use of natural permanent eyeliner for enhancing the appearance of the eyes has become normal and trendy.

What Is Natural Permanent Eyeliner?

Using ink or colorants, tattooing an eyeliner on the eye is natural permanent eyeliner. It is done in different colours like black, blue, brown, maroon, red, etc. One can always choose their ideal style and form of eyeliner.

Should You Get a Natural Permanent Eyeliner?

If you wish to rock a bare-faced or a no-makeup look with just an eyeliner tattoo making you look like a dream, then natural permanent eyeliner is your thing. Imagine having to not apply eyeliner every single day. What an absolute delight! The fact that a permanent eyeliner doesn’t require you to spend a lot of time in front of the mirror to perfect the eyeliner is the main driving force for most people to get under the needle.

Along with that, getting a permanent eyeliner is way affordable and speedier than any other permanent makeup tattoo. Permanent eyeliner provides you with a lot of options to customize the eyeliner the way you like. You can get a permanent eyeliner that goes well with your eye color, or you can get a permanent eyeliner to make a style statement or a viral social media trend.

The color, the form, the style and the thickness. Everything is customizable based on your liking. Below are some of the most famous and trendiest eyeliner styles that are perfect to be tattooed on a goddess like you: –

  • Fierce Arrow Eyeliner
  • Fishtail Eyeliner
  • The Classic Winged Eyeliner
  • The Crease Eyeliner
  • Green, Brown and Blue Eyeliner

Getting a natural permanent eyeliner provides you with the freedom to do whatever you want and be wherever you like without having to worry that your eyeliner will smudge or get extremely messy due to various weather conditions. Because let’s be honest, even if an eyeliner claims to be water and smudge-proof, it will inevitably get ruined after some time.

With traditional eyeliners, you will be required to apply it again and again when it gets ruined. However, that’s not the case with permanent eyeliners. Permanent eyeliners stay for up to three years without smudges, infections, side effects, swelling, redness and other skin-related conditions.

In The Light of This Information

Permanent eyeliner, in the world of makeup and cosmetics, is one of the best inventions ever. No matter what your preference is, there is a natural permanent eyeliner look for every need. Make sure to get a permanent eyeliner that would fit any and every occasion.

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