There are many intelligent fellows in the world. Where some use their intelligence for their developing and good cause and some use for bad cause. As technology developed many of them started to use their brilliance to the bad cause and play with the lives of the people.

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The movie Arjun Suravaram was directed by T. Santosh under the production of RajkumarAkella. The movie is about a graduate who has been selected for national media and got jailed by some fraud committed by unknown persons.

Coming to the story actor Nikhil siddharth is named as Arjun who is a graduate and selected at National media as a Reporter. Actress LavanyaThripati is named as Kavya is a journalist. Arjun has been working as a normal media reporter and suddenly got a call from national media and has been selected. But the next day he was jailed for doing wrong certificates creation. Arjun has got shocked that he has not done it. Finally, he has come to know that certificated creation has been done by some other person and has been thrown on him to get jailed. Then he started investigation and saw that certificates had been taken and created on other persons for the sake of money. To know more about the movie watch the movie online at Aha.

Artists Performance


You can see the best combination of Nikhil and LavanyaThripati and their acting in the form of a beautiful love story. You can enjoy the comedy of vennalakishore in the movie when you visualize. All the cast has acted very well in getting the movie in the best version and successful.

Technical aspects


The location has been used very well for the best scene’s direction. You can see how the technology has been used by the director to get the movie successful. Technology benefits have been clearly shown in the movie.



  1. You can enjoy the movie as it has entertainment and interesting story where you can feel suspense when you are watching the movie.

  1. You can enjoy the best music which is composed by the music director.

  1. The use of technology to do wrong things can be seen in the movie. And also how technology for good purposes can also be seen.

Cast and crew

Actor: Nikhil Siddharth

Actress: LavanyaThripati

Other characters: Vennela Kishore, Nageenedu

Director: T. Santhosh

Producer: RajkumarAkella

Music director: Sam C. S

Release date:  29th November 2019



The movie has the theme as well as a good story to make people interested in it. Music has been composed very well and songs can be listened to in the free time to get relaxed. Cast has been selected  according to the movie requirement and used very by the director to get the movie successful.

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