Leather is famous and very well known as the king among all the different fabrics available in the market. As it has the tendency of durability and falls under the luxurious items. There are number of brands in the market available with leather items but if you are also looking for pure leather then visit Hanaf. As this is the one stop shop for high quality leather items that is long lasting, rough and tough to use. As all leather products at Hanaf are made up with the advanced Japanese technology and artisanship of Japanese talent.

The leather items Hanaf is offering:

  • Bags
  • Card case
  • Book covers
  • Wallets and many more.

The specialty about all the items varies behind the abstraction of these products that becomes terrific and refine with the continued use of any of these products. The brand is new to offer but the quality is outstanding because of their forebear that is ineradicable leather goods store which has been selling their goods in the market since the Taisho era, and are creating goods with mass experience, abundance technology and uniqueness which can only be seen in some of the selected and well renowned stores. There are number of bags available but Hanaf leather bags represent unique quality of leather. There are bridle bags that are difficult to get through and it is because of ease to carry and long life which improvises and gets more shiny and refined along with the use and time.

The items are limited in quantity because of the premium quality material with simple designs assembled by skilled Japanese handwork. Hanaf never compromises on quality. As it takes time to select the material which afterwards includes cutting, sewing, polishing and so on. Japanese almost put their dedication by heart and hard work by soul as to provide the best outcome.

Hanaf has cordovan to offer to their clients which also known as the top rated and highly recommended leather. Cordovan falls under the category of the finest and rarest leather. It is as hard to proceed with cutting and scaling because of the process of producing the cordovan by hindmost part of the horse.

There are sites which one can visit. However visiting stores is an option for the easy access to the items.

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