There are more number of mobile phones in the world than there are people. Every other day, new technologies are being incorporated into newer mobile devices. People love to own the latest hardware with the latest features and specifications and in that process; a lot of used phones are accumulated, which need to be recycled. Mobile phones are made of a lot of elements like lead and mercury which can be harmful if not treated properly. Now even though there are many methods to deconstruct and decompose the elements used in a mobile phone, the easiest way to recycle phone is by selling it. 

There are hundreds of online portals that buy used smartphones for good prices. They have a rather simple yet effective process to get you the best price for your phone.

  • Pictures

Much like selling anything else, presentation is of the utmost importance when it comes to selling your used mobile phone. Take pictures of the phone from the best angle and try to make sure that it does not look very old and shabby in the picture. People usually tend to avoid buying second-hand phones which look too old and used.

  • Details

When you are registering on such a platform to sell your phone, you need to provide details of the phone in relevant areas. These details appear next to your device and help potential buyers to understand the condition of your old phone. It is very important to make sure that every detail that you have mentioned is accurate. Providing false details will mislead potential buyers, and they will not end up buying your product. You might even get evicted from that particular website.

  • Finding the Box

When you put up your phone to sell on a website, you need to make sure that you have the box and the associated documents and other accessories so that when you sell your old phone to someone, you will be able to sell them the entire package as you had bought it.

  • Register on Online Portals

The easiest way to sell your old phone is to register on one of the multiple online portals available on the internet. All you need to do is register yourself on the websites and upload pictures and details of the phone you need to sell. Make sure that the pictures and details of the phone are authentic and factual.

  • Compare Prices

To find the best price that you can get for your old mobile device, you should upload its details on multiple platforms. The different websites have slightly different algorithms to compute prices. Check out the various websites to find the price and the buyer most suitable for you. Factor in variables like the location of buyers and the method of payment before zeroing on the buyer.

  • Sell the phone

The final step is to physically sell your old phone to the buyer you choose. Contact them, decide on an appropriate time to meet and complete the transaction. It is necessary to decide on a mode of payment before entering into the transaction to ensure that there is no discrepancy or miscommunication about the transaction.

In today’s world, everyday activities are becoming digital every moment. While that has made activities like selling one’s phone easier, there are a few risks associated with online transactions. There are chances of being cheated and cybercrimes, which need to be kept in mind. However, selling your old phone has never been easier and these selling it on online portals means that you save a lot of time and energy and can focus on the more important things in life.

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