Are you considering making a donation online to Israel? We utilize your donations in the most effective way possible to benefit Israelis across all sectors, including Holocaust survivors, needy families, and students involved in volunteer projects and learning about mutual responsibility. Your online donation Israel is vital to our ability to carry out our work as Israel’s largest nonprofit organization dealing with poverty.

Investing in the future requires an online donation 

Israelis are estimated to live in poverty to the tune of about 1.8 million, of whom roughly 850,000 are refugees. With an aim to break the cycle of intergenerational poverty, we have been helping Israeli communities and families with food insecurity since 2000. Nearly 650,600 free hot meals are served each year by the Jewish Community Center of Israel in five restaurants around Israel, and over 34,000 meals are provided exclusively for children from low-income families. For us, it is extremely transparent to provide our donors with all relevant information on our website about online donations to Israel.

Supporting Israel’s Next Generation with an online donation to Israel

We at Meir Panim promise to handle your gifts to Israel with the greatest professionalism and skill. Children, families, and IDF soldiers who are isolated are supported by Meir Panim. We will use your donation to assemble and deliver food packages to the less fortunate. To ensure that no one is left out, we provide food packages with essential food items during the Shabbat and holiday seasons. Although they may feel better for a while after consuming it, they can still enjoy satisfying meals on special occasions.

Meir Panim will assist in raising Israel’s next generation with your donation.

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