Online casino sites offer different bonuses to attract more customers, retain the existing ones, and reward loyal customers. You can visit different sites to identify the bonuses that please you and register there. Some of the bonuses like it’s in online casino Australia sites may include:

Bonuses To Attract Customers/Welcome Bonus

These are classified according to different sites. They’re meant to make you join in a site and play. The competition for customers is so high that the gambling sites will offer huge bonuses. The category contains the following three bonuses some of them can be found in many sites such as Cleopatra casino.

Welcome-bonus. This refers to the bonus you’ll receive when you register on a site.The bonus can be packaged as free spins, no deposit bonus, or free cash offers. You’ll receive the bonus immediately when you register on the site or when you deposit some money into your account.

No deposit bonus. The bonus is offered by some sites immediately after registration. You don’t need to deposit any funds to your account to use the deposit. You can play games online and win using the bonus. The wins, however, will be capped so that you can’t withdraw; instead, use the wins to play again. The second wins from the bonus can be withdrawn.

Deposit bonus. The bonus is offered according to the amount you deposit. The match bonus will be offered in a percentage. It’s matched with the amount you’ve deposited. Some offer a 100% bonus and with a deposit of $100 you’ll receive $100 and have a total of $200 in your account.

Free spins. Some welcome bonuses are packaged as free spins for casino games that require spinning. The slot games are popular with spins and roulette online. in the spinning games, you can receive the free spins which you’ll use to play. 

Bonuses to retain existing players

The bonuses are offered to the existing players on the site. You may receive the bonuses according to the amount you’ve spent on the casino; the device you use or reaching a certain limit.

Roller Bonus. The bonus can be called a multiplier bonus for it offers more than the amount in your account. The bonus increases your account balance with a multiplier such as x2 or more. This may encourage you to have more funds in your account to increase the bonus. 

Reload Bonus. The bonus encourages you to fund your account with a second, third, and more deposits. The moment you reload the account you receive the bonus. It’s not an automatic bonus but is meant to motivate the dormant players. Those who played and lost funds but remain dormant afterward. 

Extra Free spins. The free spins can also be offered again for the existing players. Normally sites offer free spins when you reach a certain target in playing. 

Mobile bonus. The bonus can be offered to encourage the players to download the app into mobile phones. The bonus targets players who switch to use mobile devices to play on the site. 

Promotional and Loyalty bonus

The loyalty bonus seeks to reward loyal customers with a bonus. The casino can use the time you’ve been with the site and reward you with the bonus. Someof the bonuses are given as cash offers for loyal customers. It’s not given once,but can be repeated after a set time considering how active you’re.

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