There is always the right foot bath for every need. The additions are already assembled here and geared towards various application requirements. But you can also experiment with bath additives on your own and put together your very own diving program.

Footbath Against Sweaty Feet

A foot bath which needs sanitizing footbath mats against sweaty feet can help if we use it regularly. Ideally, we dip our feet in a lukewarm bath with additives such as ivy, thyme, sage, or willow bark every day. These active ingredients have astringent to the sweat glands and can be a little as the activity throttle.

Footbath Against Calluses

Footbaths to which we add a dash of almond milk and a few drops of lavender oil have proven effective for calluses. After about 20 minutes in warm water, calluses can be easily removed with a pumice stone.

Footbath Against Fungi And Inflammation

In the case of inflammatory skin or fungal infections, salt foot baths provide relief. Necessary: If the symptoms do not improve quickly, you should have this clarified by a doctor. Incidentally, you can be generous with the dosage of salt. Four heaping tablespoons per liter is ideal.

Footbath For Swollen Legs

Especially in the warm summer months, feet, ankles, and legs swell and then tension uncomfortably. What helps: Put a shot of rubbing alcohol or mint oil in the cold foot bath and put your feet up for at least 15 minutes after bathing.

Footbath For Sleeping Problems

Warm foot baths have a relaxing effect. Many people fall asleep better if they immerse themselves in a warm footbath for about 20 minutes just before falling asleep. In addition, bath additives such as rosemary or lavender oil should have a calming effect and thus promote sleep. And then all you have to do is go to bed and let the warm tingling in your feet have an effect.

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