What is the key of marketing? This simple question has confused thousands upon thousands of people. People will try and tell you it is building loyalty, building confidence in your product, charging people’s emotions. Perhaps these are all parts of marketing, but the key is very simple.

Turn a NO into a YES. It is that simple. There is only one choice you want to give your prospect, “Yes, I’ll buy that” or “No, I won’t”.

I hope you now know the power of understanding this. When it comes to internet marketing, people try and give people too many choices. They have Google Ads littering their site, multiple buttons to click, numerous pages to read. In the end, the prospect is so confused that they say no. That always is the result when people are confused; they say no and walk away.

Your website should be a simple 1-2 page site with a compelling sales letter giving the prospect one choice, buy or don’t buy. This allows you to focus on the most powerful part of marketing, without wasting time and energy on things that will just distract the prospect.

Do you want your prospect to buy your e-book for $40, or do you want them to get half way through your ad copy, and then click away to a Google ad, landing you $0.30?

Once you learn how to turn a No into a Yes, you will be in the top 1% of marketers, full stop.

If you are currently only getting 1-2% conversions (or worse), then take a look at your website. Do you have multiple choices for your prospect? Do you have Google AdSense, or do you have a complex system of pages that finally lead to the sale? If you are saying “yes” to any of these, it’s time for you to change it. A simple 1 page site is all you need, with a good sales letter converting the prospect. With this simple adjustment, you will double or even triple your conversions over night. Constantly testing your ad copy will see you increase this conversion further.

Now, if you own a site that has multiple products, start using Google AdWords properly. Specifically target your ads for the buyer’s intent in each keyword. If you sell an assortment of sports equipment, and have a prospect click your ad for the keyword “dumbbells”, don’t take them to your home page. Instead, let them land on that specific product. If your ad copy utilizes all the principles I will cover in other articles, you will convert like crazy.

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