Ask any teenager about a camera, and one would certainly get to hear tons of stuff regarding the functionalities and pros and cons of modern cameras built inside their smart phones; millennials who have developed a keen interest towards the sphere of photography and videography might be able to give you a tour of the latest entry level DSLRs and other smaller variants. The people who have picked up photography as their profession would give an insight on even more expensive, sophisticated models, which are quite difficult to fathom for any beginner. But thestory of this piece of gadget began in a whole different context.

A Look at the History:

Humans have often strived to freeze certain moments of time in form of images, the early versions of which could be found in the caves of ancient human dwellings. The only ways they could do so was by rock paintings, which were somewhat crude, but still survive to this day to tell the tale. The next step came in form of sculpture by carving out wood, rocks and other materials, which gradually evolved to the paper paintings widely practiced by various artists and painters of the twentieth century.

History suggests that painting was a highly sought after skill, and the artists would strive to create a painting which tells a story rather than abstract with no meaningful purpose whatsoever. Though this form of art has been refined and remodeled to create various aberrations of the conventional style of painting. The main focus of the technological advancements have been to freeze a moment as seen by the person who chose to freeze rather than through the works of a painter who might not recreate the exact story.

How Technology Propelled an Art:

Technology has been at the forefront of the revolution witnessed in the world of photography. The earliest known design of a camera was huge, and virtually impossible to transport, and could only click a few pictures with the available resources. It was refined almost every year by individuals, who had the courage to view the camera as an accessory of the modern society, and gifted us the electro-mechanical ones, which were mass produced in the late 1990s, and became a household name.

As is the case with every other piece of gadget, the camera too was used as a tool in law enforcement, social integrity, and every possible aspect of human lives. From offering free background checks to recreation, from ensuring fair play during sports to capturing some of the historic moments, the camera has become an inseparable part of our lives in the twenty first century. checkthem will help you to know more about it.

What the Future Holds for Us:

Tech Gurus today have hinted at a possible revolution of how society thrives using this device. From the field of finance to sports, law enforcements, science, recreation, exploration, etc. and so on, this little gadget would become a beast like the smart phones we carry with us at all times.

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