Best movies to cheer your mood up in 2020 are obtained any for movie lovers. Movie lovers never miss their favorite films released every year. The fans of different heroes and heroines go crazy when their movies are released. They wait for the chance to watch the film, and they go mad at the time of publishing the video. The overall satisfaction of the movie is obtained when the film satisfies the fans in all aspects. When the favorite hero film is released, the fans never miss it for all kinds of entertainment. The entertaining heroes’ films gain more importance than other films. aha movies platform are delivering a lot of fo fins to audience

There are many films released every year, and only the movies that have all kinds of features attract an audience without fail. The audience still likes many successful films of the year 2020. The audience loves good stories, songs, and the direction of the movie, and hence films are wanted in all aspects. An essential part of the film that reaches the audience is its story, and the way it has been narrated. Many young directors and story writers are entering the film industry nowadays, with bright ideas and a strong background. The new faces are giving a perfect treat to their audience in all languages. Even some dubbed films from other words are dubbed in the Telugu field for the audience’s love.

The present generation loves watching films with all kinds of attractions they expect. One of a kind films is now telecast online media. Many movies are broadcast through online media for the sake of young people. The movie-watching at home is an exciting feature for the majority of the audience. Exclusively, the action combined with comedy films is having much importance among the audience who love films.

Mental Madhilo is an entertaining Telugu film released in the year 2017. This film is entirely has a new concept that is new to the Telugu audience in all aspects. The hero of the film has a mental disorder, and hence he is unable to decide the options given to him. He struggles a lot when two women are close to him and which one he has to choose. He does not know how to make decisions and indecisive on the whole. He does not know what to select from the different options given to him. He is not firm in his thoughts and unable to proceed further, He is good at choosing the life partners, and the struggle goes on. Still, he finds a lady namely Swetcha

His mental disorder, namely borderline disorder, made him feel very tight in his decisions, and hence there occur many mishaps between them. He also happened to see another lady in his life, and they become close. The story moves on like this, and the main plot is the climax of the film. The answers to the question like whether the hero overcomes his issue? What happens to his love affair with the two ladies? All these questions are learned from watching the film. You can watch movies online on a 100% Telugu ott platform.

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