There’s a certain kind of joy and mirth that embrace people whenever the holiday season is right around the corner. People take time to give gifts, glam up their houses with different ornaments like Tabletop christmas decorations, and share hearty meals with their loved ones.

However, there are times when people get caught up with their busy lives that they tend to take such magical moments for granted. Don’t let you and your family fall into this kind of situation; here, we’re giving you 12 awesome ideas on how to get into that holiday mood.

Watch a holiday movie or musical. Not only will this provide entertainment, but this will also, more importantly, convey messages of love, hope, faith, and charity.

See a Christmas light display. Different communities and towns put up breathtaking holiday light displays — some even stage fireworks. Make your holiday nights more spectacular by marveling at such special displays.

Bake holiday goodies. Into baking? Share this passion of yours with your loved ones and family members. Together, bake a variety of holiday cookies and chocolates, store them in jars, and add them as a feature of your tabletop Christmas decorations.

Decorate the Christmas tree. You can also have the ultimate bonding experience by decorating and customizing your Christmas tree together. If you need to buy a new tree, you can also take this time to go on a road trip and look for a new one.

Make DIY holiday decorations. Make the holiday season the perfect time to unleash you and your loved one’s creative side. Open your imagination and create crafts that best embody your family’s personality.

Go holiday shopping. After setting up your tree and adorning it with decorations, it’s now time to fill the space underneath it with holiday gifts. Make time to go holiday shopping and if you’d want, you yourselves can wrap the gifts you’ve bought.

Have fun in the snow or the ice rink. Go outside and indulge in the magic offered by having a White Christmas. Play and go silly in the snow, or go ice skating or play ice hockey in the nearest rink from your house.

Create and play a holiday playlist. Any celebration is not complete without good music. Turn up the volume this season and spread holiday vibes by playing thematic, jovial tunes.

Go caroling. Especially if music runs in your family, don’t hesitate to sing Christmas carols within your neighborhood — it’s one great way to spread love and joy from your family to another without spending too much penny.

Read Christmas stories. Rekindle the love for books and reading by letting your kids read about Christmas-themed children’s stories.

Do volunteer work within your community. ‘Tis also the season to take your charitable acts notches higher. Use this time to spend your energy and resources to give back and do something good for your community — like donating clothes to an orphanage or volunteering at an elderly facility or animal shelter.

Practice the spirit of giving. As they say, it’s better to give than to receive. Whether they’re greeting cards, baked goodies, or personalized and handmade tabletop Christmas decorations, take time to gift your loved ones, relatives, colleagues, and friends.

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