Rubbish and dirt should never be allowed to pile up in the house. It can make your house disorganised and overwhelming, and that will eventually affect your comfort levels. Proper disposal of rubbish will not just allow you to stay in a sanitary and pleasing environment- it will also help to preserve the planet. One of the best ways to dispose of rubbish at home is by using skip hire services from Clearabee. Here are some pros of their beebag service:

  1. They come in different sizes

You can use the skip hire service to dispose of almost all sizes of rubbish. The advantage of the beebags is that they can be compressed to make them easier to throw away. You should come up with a good estimate of the amount of rubbish you need to throw away in specific periods and order a bag that is large enough to contain the rubbish.

  1. They Can Be Collected in Short Notice

Since the beebags are easy to compress, the rubbish removal company will be able to respond to your calls within a few hours. They will arrive with vans and deliver the trash to the landfills and recyclers. This means you will never have to stick around with a full beebag for more than a few hours.

  1. Quick Delivery

You will also appreciate the quick delivery of the beebags. Unless there are other unexpected issues, you should expect the bags to be delivered on the same day you make the order. The quick delivery can prove to be very important when you decide to declutter the house for guests. The excess rubbish can be a health hazard and should be removed from your house as soon as possible.

  1. Cost Effective

Everyone loves to save a few pounds here and there. You can end up saving a good amount of money if you use the Clearabee skip hire service. This is because you will only need to pay for the beebag and the rubbish collection. You will not need to pay for labour since you will fill the beebags yourself. To help you save even more money, they offer discounts to their loyal customers.

  1. You Can Request for Labour

In some cases, you may not want to hang on to the beebag for a long time. If you have a lot of rubbish in your house, you can request the company to send some people to fill the beebags and take them out of your home. You should note that this service will cost you more money.

  1. Seamless Payments

Clearabee allows you to pay for the skip hire service through many different online channels. You will definitely find a suitable payment option. You don’t have to worry about getting your identity stolen since the service encrypts all the critical payment data.

  1. You Can Keep the Bag for Lengthy Periods

With Clearabee, you will be able to keep the beebag for a predetermined period of time. Once this time runs out, they will come to collect the bag. The company will allow you to keep the bag for an extended period for a small fee. If your beebag is far from being full, you should consider paying the extra amount.


Using beebags from Clearabee can help you enjoy high levels of convenience. You can receive the bags via the post office and will not necessarily have to stay at home to receive them. Also, the service is very cheap. If you use the Clearabee beebag service for a long time, you will be eligible for the loyalty discount, which will further lower your costs.

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