For both men and women, this highly sensual and sexual massage concentrates on the erogenous zones of the body, which include the lips, ears, breasts and nipples, inner thighs and buttocks, penis, vagina, perineum, and anus, among other areas. Some tantric massage therapists specialize in working with the uterus, cervix, and prostate on an internal level.

Traditional Tantric Massage contains aspects from ancient Indian Tantra philosophy and rituals, Yoga, Bioenergetics, and current Sexual Therapy, as well as techniques and methods from modern bodywork masters and psychologists such as Wilhelm Reich, Carl Jung, Carl Rogers, Alexander Lowen, Mantak Chia (founder of Taoist Multi-orgasmic work and KarsaiNei Tsang), Joseph Kramer (developer of the Lingam Massage), Joseph Kramer (creator of the Ling (creator of the Yoni Massage).

When receiving a Tantric Massage, the recipient must completely give up to the session, which aims to rediscover feelings and emotions by combining well-being and deep relaxation with mind and heart openness to overcome traumatic and emotional difficulties relating to relationships and sexuality. Tantric Massage is performed by a trained professional. Tantric massage is, first and foremost, a therapeutic encounter that promotes sexual and spiritual well-being and healing.

Additionally, there are numerous benefits of Tantra Massage, such as mental and physical relaxation, sexual energy liberation, stimulation of the free flow of vital life energy, stress and anxiety reduction, promotion of love and loving kindness, stimulation of overall health and vitality, alleviation or healing of a variety of common sexual dysfunctions, cultivation of feelings of contentment and joy, as well as an increase in orgasmic and pleasure potential.

Creativity and intuition are claimed to be enhanced by opening the Chakras and allowing sexual energy to freely flow and transform. Higher levels of awareness, spiritual enlightenment, and longevity are said to be enhanced by activating creative life energy (also known as Qi or Chi or Prana).

Tantric massage is a type of loving touch massage in which both the masseur and the recipient are completely conscious and present at the time of the massage. This type of massage is all about getting to know the client’s needs and preferences, and it is not performed in accordance with a predetermined massage sequence or pattern. It’s a full-body massage that involves the erogenous zones, but only within the parameters that have been mutually agreed upon.

In order to achieve its goal, it must be performed as an energetic massage that focuses sexual energy. It is not a massage that involves sex or sexual intercourse. Orgasms are tolerated, but they are not to be judged in any manner. Generally, the massage is carried out with the hands and with the application of oils, but this is not necessary in other cases.

It is possible to do a clothed Tantra Massage, in which case both the recipient and the masseur are dressed, but it is also possible to perform a nude tantric massage in which case both the recipient and the masseur are naked. However, the recipient is normally nude, although the therapist is not usually.

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