Like every other evolving industry, the gambling game of poker has also evolved a lot and has truly embraced the digital medium. With several entities being so much enthusiastic about exploring and investing in the online poker space, it is expected to unlock the true potential of the sector in the coming years. 2017 has been marked as rather positive for the poker industry, from poker leagues to everything like the value-driven collaborations and honoring of the industry through India’s first-ever poker awards.

The popularity of Playing Online Poker

Several factors that have majorly contributed to the overall positioning of this online poker game to enhance the popularity, reach and solidification of online poker in many countries. With so many enthusiastic players increasing every day to play this game the number of live online poker tournaments and games has increased by many folds as well as the growth rate has reached 30% this year has given the industry a vital boost. This year began with the launch of Poker Sports League, creating a buzz as it happened in 2017 as the newest sports league aiming to revolutionize the card game by bringing it to the common masses.

Another such poker league that had struck the headlines every time for past times was the Match Poker League. Recognizing the emerging talent in the industry, some states even go to the floor to organize poker awards held in various cities within the country with top poker players across the country congregating under one roof. As the year is passing by, online poker tournaments and its increasing popularity in the poker scene kept getting bigger and better with guaranteed prizes of money and stakes as well in lakhs or even more at times to play for. From small towns to metros, players across the country showcased their poker skills every passing year by putting their best feet forward.

The Ever-Growing Audience

The ever-increasing number of online poker players is the sure testimonial to the incredible popularity the sport has witnessed over the last couple of years. It is now believed that there are lakhs of active poker players all over the world. Many cities in different countries have started to embrace online poker to an extent that the opening of new poker clubs is expected every month from here on due to its popularity is increasing rapidly. Largely taken as an intelligent sport, the educated, elite and young audience has been encouragingly participating in online poker, which is a direct indication of the inherent appeal of the sport.

In upcoming years, poker entrepreneurs predominantly thrived on quality consumer service and high-value player investment all over the world. To give a platform to this game, they also successfully deployed several tools and strategies to penetrate larger audience segments. For example, collaborations with colleges for organizing charity events with NGO’s, cultural fests and many more such successful strategies were implemented by industrial poker players to spread awareness, apart from introducing celebrities as the brand endorsers to reach out to a wider set of potential players.

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