Surely, among all types of shoes, suede looks the most refined and elegant. However, such beauty and attractiveness requires special care. If you properly clean your suede boots, you can hide minor scuffs.

Purchasing shoes of suede, be sure to buy a set of care products for it. First of all, you need a brush with rubber bristles, aerosol and foam.

The first cleaning is necessary when you bring the purchase home. In the store on the shelf, the shoes must have been covered with dust, maybe spots appeared on it. First you need to brush your shoes with a brush and spray aerosol from a distance of 25-30 cm. This procedure will not only clean the shoes, but also give it water-repellent properties. For fidelity, an aerosol is best applied several times.

Suede shoes should be worn only in dry weather, but if it so happens that it is still wet, you must do the following:

– thoroughly dry the shoes, remember that cleaning wet suede is completely useless, you can only smear the dirt;

– it’s better to dry the shoes in Manhattan on a special pad, but at home it’s difficult to care of a professional shoe, so it’s enough to stuff the shoes with paper, while white paper is used for a light pairof shoes;

– if the shoes are too wet, the paper can be changed several times, this will speed up the drying process.

For greater convenience in caring of suede, buy a double-sided brush – on one side there are rubber bristles on it, and on the other – hard ones, metallic. On the sides of such a brush is a soft pile of natural bristles. Be carefull and try to wear suede shoes with a smile on your face!

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