Going out with a baby for a walk means having a good time! And yet, without knowing it, we sometimes take big risks or even endanger our baby by misusing his stroller. Update on the different situations never to be repeated.

Riding With An Improperly Adapted Stroller

The bad plan:  pick up a friend’s stroller when our newborn arrives without even really learning about its functions.

We must do it essential to walk your infant in a stroller such as a wonderfold approved from birth, to current standards, the guarantee of perfect safety. These strollers are distinguished by their comfort, and they are modular to offer the possibility of clipping on their chassis a carrycot and a car seat, and of course, the stroller’s seat, called the hammock. A carrycot is not essential if the hammock of your stroller is very soft, with side reinforcements, provided with a headrest, and that it is fully extended. Indeed, up to 6-7 months, a baby needs for his comfort and his health to remain in a lying position.

Leave The Hammock In The Seat Position

The bad plan: when our infant is awake, raise the back of the hammock.

We need to do: until around 6 months, Baby needs to sleep; this is essential for his good development. In addition, he has not yet developed all the muscles in his back and neck needed to maintain his head correctly. When out for a walk, keep the back of the hammock in fully extended mode or, even more comfortable, leave Baby in his carrycot. It can also be installed in its (cozy) car seat for short trips and quick outings.

Put Your Bassinet On Your Stroller

The bad plan:  put the wicker basket on the hammock (when lying down) of the stroller to walk with the baby while he sleeps.

What we need to do: A bassinet does not sit on a stroller. Only the carrycot can play this role to walk with the baby as if he were in his cot. There is no such thing as a universal carrycot, so it is essential before purchasing to make sure that it will fit well with our stroller. Today, some car seats are capable of fully lying down, but their comfort is different and does not allow you to leave a baby in them overnight as you can with a carrycot.

Repair Your Stroller Yourself

The wrong plan: tinker with the frame of your stroller and repair it yourself with adhesive, glue, or string (we’ve already seen that!)

What we have to do: the frame is an important part; it is the structure on which all the accessories will rest (hammock, carrycot, etc.) and allows the stroller to be steered with its handlebars or handles. If the latter is damaged or broken, no need to try a DIY with adhesive tape! Change it quickly because it could break, and Baby could fall. The same goes for the wheels. Contact the brand’s after-sales service to consider the various repair options and their costs if the stroller is no longer under warranty. The Stroller Clinic website offers a multitude of new spare parts compatible with a large number of branded strollers.

Hanging Bags On The Stroller

The bad plan: riding with heavy shopping bags hanging from the handlebars or the handles of our stroller.

What we need to do:

Use the basket (located under the hammock) to store bulky and heavy items. Some strollers need little to tip over.

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