When the phrase art deco armchair is mentioned, it evokes the feeling of whimsy and electric décor that no one wants to miss at home. It is so comfy and stylish that most people use it to host important guests or when they need uninterrupted relaxation. While the design of art deco style chairs is not in doubt, you can optimize the thrill based on how you use it. Here are some great secrets of using the armchairs in the living room. 

Position Two Art Deco Armchair Pieces Directly Opposite the Sofa 

To bring out that ecstatic feel in the living room, consider placing two art deco style chairs directly opposite the sofa. This is a common choice that works well in most rooms. Here, you can select a pair of armchairs with matching colours and patterns. However, the floor and area rug should contrast slightly to create some sense of space. 

Because there are many styles of art deco style chairs in the market, people with a lot of space should consider deeper designs. However, those with space limitations should buy the slimmer and upright models. The goal should be making your space more attractive while creating more possible.

For those with living spaces that have multiple doors, it is advisable to position each art décor armchair at an angle. This is useful in making crossing easy and fast. You can check this website to get some ideas.

Create a U-shape Outlook using four Art Deco Armchair Pieces

If you have ample space, consider using two pairs of art deco armchairs to create an impression of U-shape. You could make this the default setting in the living room or simply re-arrange the space to strike a different theme. You could even enhance the thrill by varying the chairs. For example, one pair of armchairs can be larger than the other. This can be used for reading while the shorter ones are utilized for socializing. 

Position the Art Deco Armchair on the Corner 

One notable thing about art deco armchair is the sleek design. This means that it can easily fit even if you have limited space. As the sofa and other furniture take the bulk of the space in the living room, you can position the art deco style armchair on the corner to create a stylish relaxing space. This could be your reading space or a home office. To increase the armchair’s functionality, consider adding a small table for placing a book, laptop or a glass of wine. 

Place Two Arm Deco Armchair Pieces Next to the Fireplace 

When the art deco style armchair was first designed, the goal was to use it next to the fireplace. This is one of the reasons why most high-end homes owners ensure that they have a carefully positioned fireplace. This seating is used to host important guests at home. For example, many people invite their colleagues to discuss major political or business decisions when relaxing on the armchairs next to the fireplace.

At this point, some people might ask: “What about those without a fireplace in their living spaces?” In such a situation, you should imagine the ideal position that the fireplace would have been positioned. Then, place the armchairs there and enjoy the same thrill. 

The Final Take 

If you want to make your home more enthralling, one of the methods is using the art deco style chairs. Their sleek nature means that they can easily fit in most homes including tight spaces. For example, you can even position the armchair on the corner of the room to get its thrill. Do not let the thrill of using the armchair at home evade you; use the above ideas to make your home more comfy and attractive.

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