What are the disadvantages of pellet heating? Of course, pellet heating is not only characterized by advantages. There are also a few disadvantages, mainly related to the initial cost and convenience of use. Read for yourself from ecoforest which pellet heating disadvantages you have to reckon with:

Storage Space

Pellet heating systems are space-intensive. Sufficient storage space must be available to store the pellets, preferably close to the heating system. For example, you could use the space that your oil tank has previously taken up as a pellet store. Screw conveyors and suction systems ensure problem-free transport.

Higher Acquisition And Installation Costs

The total price for installing a pellet heating system is higher than for an oil heating system or a gas heating system. This is particularly true when converting an old fossil heating system to a pellet heating system for a complete pellet heating system with a pellet boiler, buffer storage, pellet store, conveyor system, and installation.

Long Transport Routes Can Worsen The Environmental Balance

If pellets are ordered from other European countries for price reasons, this naturally hurts the pellet’s environmental balance. Always ensure that the transport routes for your wood pellets are as short as possible to take full advantage of the climate protection aspect of the pellet heating system!


Pellets are transported from the store to the boiler once a day by a screw conveyor or suction system. This can lead to noises.

Ash Removal

Even if it only occurs every 1-2 months – it has to be done. However, the ash can be brought directly from the ash bucket to the compost.

Maintenance Costs

In addition to the regular ash discharge, you should also regularly remove dust and ash from the combustion chamber and the burner of your pellet heating system. The most comfortable way to do this is with a vacuum cleaner. It would be best if you observed around six weeks for this heating maintenance. At the end of the heating season, when the pellet storage tank is mainly empty, you should also thoroughly clean it of wood dust and pellet residues.

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