Intercourse between two humans which make them sensual with touching each other’s genitals. People enjoy this feeling. Sex can be of many ways they have many varieties they have tons of variety like lesbian, gay, and straight. Scat videos are also one of the ways to watch porn very quickly and have an idea of what sex is all about. When it comes to sex, this throws a significant effect on the body as well as mind in this article lets discuss the impact of sex on the body.

Desire- this is a phase of sex, in this part of the sexual process tissues of anus and vagina extend to its extent. With this, it helps the nerves of the body to become more sensitive as compared to standard form. The vagina becomes more lubricant with the help of fluid know as transudate. Blood flow is increased with the help of the contraction of the muscles.

Plateau- during this process body becomes sensitive as the nerves of the vagina, penis, and anus become very sensitive. The person may become lazier and have a will to enjoy this process to an extent; although the body can become more sensual during this phase.

Orgasm- orgasm is considered to be the best part of the sexual process. In this part, a person has an orgasm from their body and realize the hormones from the body. Majority of the males ejaculate during sex, man secret fluid from their penis during this intercourse. When man and women experience orgasm, they contract their muscles to the next level. In orgasm, women vagina stretches the muscles whereas, on the flip side, man undergoes contraction in their penis muscles.

Resolution- after orgasm, body, and muscles of the body relaxes and after some time body returns to its normal state. This process is contrary in both male and female, man cannot have an orgasm just after ejaculation, but on the flip side. Women can have an orgasm again just after the ejaculation of the fluid from their vagina. This part of the sexual process is also called a factory reset process because of the restarting of the hormones.

Why does the body require sex?

Sex is a natural activity, and also it is considered being healthy. People have never forgoing experience that their body experiences. Sex is also found to as stress reliever, and a form of exercise for creating a stronger bond in relationship sex plays a very vital role. In scat videos, one can experience significantly enjoyable. There are many significant differences which occur between man and woman.

In men, their penis muscles become very hard and erect to its fullest, whereas on the contrary side, vaginal lips of women become softer. The opening tissues of the vagina swell due to blood and color of inner tissues of the vagina also change. Both man and women experience fast breathing and heart rate during this course because of the highly physical task the muscles of tighs hips and stomach has tensed muscles.

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