No matter your fitness level, Pilates online classes can challenge you to develop your core strength, strengthen your muscles and improve your balance. With Glo, you can improve your body from the comfort of your own home.

What is Pilates?

Pilates is a series of full-body exercises that incorporate controlled breathing and movement. Some exercises are performed on mat with just body weight. Other exercises require equipment, like reformers. You don’t have to be a personal trainer or an athlete to do Pilates. Anyone can perform these exercises and see an improvement in their core strength.

Pilates is a low-impact form of exercise. If you suffer from back pain or knee injuries, then Pilates may help you by strengthening your core. Many people confuse Pilates with yoga, but Pilates differs in a key way. While yoga uses movement and body weight to create poses, Pilates relies on resistance from spring and pulleys.

How can Glo help me?

If you’re a newcomer to Pilates, Glo offers many options for Pilates online. The “Pilates for Newcomers” series breaks down the exercises to their most basic forms so that you can start slowly. Pressed for time? Glo offers “Quick Fix” for those days when you are struggling to fit your workout into your busy schedule. For more advanced Pilates students, the video series “Replicate the Reformer” shows you how to recreate the reformer-based exercises in your living room.

Why should I choose Pilates online videos?

Some Pilates studios require you to purchase expensive memberships and sign contracts that are difficult to cancel. If you are new to Pilates, you may feel self-conscious in the group class environment. At Glo, we exist for you. We aim to reduce barriers so that you can feel empowered. It’s not about results, but about the process and intentions you set along the way.

With traditional Pilates studios, you don’t have the flexibility of multiple locations and instructors. Glo can follow you anywhere. You can take your Pilates online with you on vacation or to the office. When the weather is storming outside, stay with us inside.

What does Glo offer besides Pilates online?

Unlike your local Pilates studio that only offers Pilates classes, Glo offers much more. You can find videos for yoga, including hatha, vinyasa and kundalini. Expectant moms will love our prenatal and postnatal yoga videos. Are you feeling stressed out? Try restorative and yin yoga to balance your mind.

For deeper relaxation, we also offer meditation online. We have videos to help you start your day and videos to help you sleep. Yoga nidra, or guided sleep meditation, can help you achieve the deepest state of relaxation.

Why should I choose Glo?

Glo encourages you to take charge of your practice. We offer a variety of materials so that you can craft a practice that suits your life. If your primary goal is stress reduction, you may decide to combine Pilates with yin yoga and yoga nidra. If your goal is greater core strength, you may want to focus on Pilates interval training and yoga conditioning. No matter what your goal, Glo can help you feel empowered and strong!

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