You know what you love to do. Or maybe you love to do lots of different things. But what you’d love the most would be to turn it into a business or job. It can be done! The first step is to make sure you’ve refined the description enough to take action. These seven questions will help you do that.

One – What Aspect of this Do You Love?

Let’s say you love horses, and your dream job would be to work with horses. What is it about them that you love? Do you want to ride them at work? Do you want to groom and care for them? Sit and stare at them? Paint pictures? Take pictures? Share the joy of riding with others? WHAT is it about them that you love?

Two – Who Do You Want to Work With?

Do you want to work with people, or with businesses, or with interest groups? Do you want to physically work with them or do it via electronic communication? Do you want to work with individuals or with several people at once? Or, do you want to interact with people as little as possible?

Three – When Do You Want to Work?

Do you want a fixed schedule? A flexible one? Do you want to work during the day, at night, weekends? Part-time, full-time? In other words, what do you want your schedule to look like?

Four – Where Do You Want to Work?

Do you want to go to an office? Do you want some time in an office, but other time traveling? Local clients or Long distance? Do you want to wear a suit or sweats? Do you want to be inside or outside? Or do you want variety? Where do you want to do this dream business or job?

Five – Why Would Someone Hire You?

Do you want to provide this product or service directly to individuals yourself? Or, would you prefer to advocate something at a higher level – say policy and procedure for an organization or company? Would you prefer to advocate from the sidelines as an opinion or thought generator? Why would someone pay you to do this – what are you rendering to them in exchange for this?

Six – How are You Going to Get Paid?

If you are starting this as a Dream Business, are individuals or organizations hiring you? Are you working on specific projects, or long term advisory support? Is your product physical or informational? If you are proposing this to an employer, how are they going to evaluate your benefit to them? How will you be compensated for that?

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