An empty corner or space in the house gives out an impression of something missing and calls out for a decorative furniture piece. Console tables are ubiquitous when it comes to adorning your living room. It sits there as a centerpiece amidst the sofa set. However, the console table need not necessarily be used only as a center table. You can put it to use in different smart ways and make something good out of it.

You can style your home in unique ways, and to help you do that we bring you a few ideas:

A warm welcome at the entrance:

Create a welcoming ambiance at the main door to your hallway by placing a narrow console table. You can put small plants on it with a key holder or a plate that can hold the keys and other knick-knacks. You can bedeck the wall near it with a decorative mirror or mural art and two wall sconces or picture lights on either side of it.

Moreover, for homes that have a shoe rack at the entrance, you can place footstools, ottomans, or poufs under the console table. This way, you and your guests can grab a comfortable seat while removing or putting on shoes. You can check out the Coleman Console Table by Bohemiana or Bliss by HomeTown.

Jazz up that center of your living room:

You can place an oval- or round-shaped console table featuring glass or marble tabletop. You can bedeck it with a vase or any showpiece. The storage rack at the bottom of the table can be used to stack up magazines, newspapers, notepads, and more. You can use the tabletop to serve your guests with coffee or drinks. You can check out the HomeTown collection like Prestige, Samuel, Daffny, Troy, or Carlo.

Replace that TV unit:

Ideal for smaller spaces, use this idea of a console table as a substitute for the entertainment unit. Got a spare wall in the living room? Put up a wide, semi-round console table against it and place your TV set on it. You can even wall-mount your TV set and place other TV essentials like the setup box, DVD player, remote, and speakers, on the console table or in the storage rack beneath the top. You can decorate the space of the console table with lamps, picture frames, and more. Some of the best options of console tables online include Joss, Zina, and Sienna by HomeTown, Enkel, Rapid by Woodsworth, and Kirov by Bohemiana.

Fill up that staircase gap:

Got some blank spaces in the corners of your living room or under the staircase? You can place a standalone console table with three legs and a round tabletop. You can festoon it with a vase or indoor plant. The wall next to it can be decorated with a painting or art and some picture lights. The console table designs include Orion by HomeTown, Clifford by Amberville, and Awadh by Aakriti Art Creations.

Dress up the bedroom:

How about switching to a console dresser? Mount an adorable mirror on the wall and place a console table with a chair near it. There you go, a perfect dressing table. You can use the tabletop to place the talc, creams, perfumes, deodorants, and lipstick and nail polish collection. A small accessory stand for your jewelry and rings would be a perfect addition. The drawers and storage beneath can be used for storing other cosmetics, hair stylers and dryers, and more. You can check out Cace by Make Home Happy and Benjamin by HomeTown.

A work from home setup:

If you are one of those who frequently work from home, then you can create a space for your mini-office at home. Place a compact console table that will be enough to hold the desktop and a notepad. You can place your device, some files, and a small indoor plant on it. You can then pair this setup with a bean bag or accent chair. You can check out options like Aldo, Franklin, Ben by HomeTown, Provencal by Amberville, Marcus by Bohemiana, and more.

Get a customized bar:

Who said you need a full-fledged bar to serve your guests at home? You can create a personalized mini-bar with a console table too. Choose from tables like Cynthia, Tuskar by HomeTown, Royal by Aakriti Art Creations, Malava by Mudramark, and more and place it in your dining room. You can then use the storage rack beneath to display your wine collection and glasses.

We hope these ideas will help you create marvelous home decor.

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